Stop the Damage and Find a Cure for Victims of MRI Contrast Toxicity

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Thirty million magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are performed each year in the US alone, and many more worldwide. One of every three patients undergoing an MRI scan is injected with the contrast agent, gadolinium. This helps “light up” the results more clearly for the radiologists.

Gadolinium is a highly-toxic rare metal. It has no place in the human body. When gadolinium was introduced as a contrast agent, it was prepared in such a way that it was thought to leave the body naturally within 3 days of the MRI scan. Scientific research carried out in the past decade has clearly disproved this. Gadolinium is retained in the body for many years, possibly a lifetime, and concentrates specifically in brain and bones.

Tens of millions of patients are exposed to this known toxic substance every year, when they undergo an MRI scan. Many of these patients are young children, whose bodies are still developing. The long-term harm of gadolinium accumulation has not yet been quantified. However, there are already many victims of gadolinium poisoning who suffer painful and crippling symptoms.

Recent studies show that gadolinium contrast is used far too liberally and is not necessary in many cases.  

We must voice our concerns to the FDA, the World Health Organization and the medical community. We ask the FDA, the World Health Organization and health authorities worldwide to:

  • Warn physicians and patients about the risks of gadolinium.
  • Restrict gadolinium use only to cases where the benefits outweigh the risks.
  • Invest in rapid development of safe gadolinium alternatives.
  • Sponsor large studies of gadolinium toxicity in patients who have undergone MRI scans.
  • Promote the development of effective treatments to remove toxic gadolinium from patients affected by it.