Equality for all Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetics

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Equality for all people with Diabetes, whether Type 1 or Type 2, Adult or Child.

We are petitioning the HSE to add the Freestyle Libre System to the LTI scheme for T1 & T2 adults and children Diabetics.

Recently our Health Minister Simon Harris endorsed the HSE decision to reimburse FreeStyle Libre for children and young adults with Type 1 Diabetes and while this is great news for children and young adults it totally excludes all other types of Diabetics.

ALL diabetics, whether T1 or T2 must check blood glucose several times a day in order to establish if their readings are within range, be it too high or too low.  Blood glucose readings are done by pricking the finger with a lancet and testing a sample of blood in a meter.  Action is then taken to ensure blood glucose levels move within the safe range.

The pain many people face with constant finger pricking can eventually lead people to not testing their bloods as much as they should or even at all.  When Diabetics loose track of their blood glucose levels they enter a danger zone of types where over long periods, diabetic complications can occur.  With this Freestyle libre system the diabetic patient will not need to finger prick as this system constantly monitor glucose readings.  This device will empower all diabetics to become familiar with their glucose levels and to take action when levels are out of range, this in turn will reduce the chance of diabetic complications like blindness, amputations, stroke etc and will reduce the burden on our healthcare system.  Remember there are hundreds of thousands of diabetic patients in Ireland and this device will make a real difference to the quality of life for all diabetics and will reduce the burden that diabetes puts on the healthcare system.

What is this device?

While continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is not a new technology in terms of managing your diabetes. What the FreeStyle Libre is doing is actually quite different. It’s bringing to the world of diabetes management a new concept in CGM technology and blood glucose testing, while still being much more affordable in comparison to other systems on the market.

The FreeStyle Libre system includes what is known as “Flash glucose monitoring”. Instead of pricking your finger, you simply scan a sensor. Sounds pretty good right? Let’s take a look more in detail on what this new system really does.

Benefits of the Libre System:

Because the FreeStyle Libre is unlike any other CGM systems on the market today it does offer a few benefits:

Reducing the number of blood glucose checks during the day
Much more affordable CGM option
Provides a graph to show you the trends in your blood sugar readings
The sensor is waterproof, which makes it easier to shower or bathe with it on.
Scanning the sensor will provide you with how much your levels are trending up or down.

How Does It Work?

A small, round sensor is placed on your arm. The sensor is around 5mm in height and 35 mm in diameter. It is applied using a handheld applicator and is able to remain on for up to 14 days.

Many of those in the trial of the Libre have reported that it is almost virtually painless. For up to 14 days the sensor can be scanned with a handset to send data of your blood sugar levels over the past 8 hours to the system’s handset device.


Please join me in petitioning the HSE and Minister Harris to include this innovative life changing device to ALL diabetics on the LTI scheme.

Thank you.

John Burns




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