Protect the NHS: Scrap the health and care bill

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Martina Dooley
10 hours ago
Please sign these petitions for me if you have time. Thank you. :)

Supermarkets to stock more low carb / keto / diabetic foods.

Encourage low carb eating for health in light of new evidence re covid, cater for low carb

Identify the Dangers of Rapeseed Oil as a Major Allergen

Justice for Dog On Short Chain Made To Stand On Back Legs All Day – Cries In The Heat

Stop getting rid of gluten free products for veganuary

Sustainable Milk alternatives for all primary school children

Fairer prices for gluten free foods

Keto friendly products availability in local stores

Keto goods at reasonable prices in uk stores

Bring back Windows 95 start-up sound

Carbohydrate Count on Restaurant Menus

Lidl to return Protein Rolls to their bakery department

Low carb lifestyle to improve health of population to cope with coronavirus pandemic

Provide Carbohydrate Counting & Weigh Type 1 Diabetics food in schools & care settings

Make carbohydrate content mandatory on all food packaging immediately

Add warning labels on products with xylitol

Grapevine Sponsorship for 1bigimpact


Diversity for diet restricted guests

Food labels that make sense

Bring back Monster Ultra Red

We want sugar-free Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks!

Bring Back Starbucks Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce Syrup!

Change Diabetes T1/T2 Name

Eat Tissues

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Sheila Stevenson
15 hours ago
I need the NHS to live.

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Denise smith
15 hours ago
The NHS is OUR NHS and it is Not for Sale . Stopt the conservatives asset striping this country

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Tony Cartwright
19 hours ago
We don't need American style health care!!!!

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Michael Carr
20 hours ago
Everybody no matter what race, sex, creed, nationality, age or disabilities has the right to free healthcare and nobody has the right to profit off it. Forcing people to pay for operations, medication or treatment that could save their lives is fucking extortion and should be fought with any means necessary, including extreme ones if and/or when the neo nazis in parliament like the tories don't listen.

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Claire Welsh
23 hours ago
It’s so important

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Rita Wood
1 day ago
It would be disastrous if the bill is passed.. Our NHS is precious and we would be lost without it.

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maria Le Huray
2 days ago
we need the NHS service too many people would be left to die in poverty..

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anthony tully
2 days ago
The Tories are crooks

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Paulette Ragan
2 days ago
The NHS is constantly used as a political pawn. I wish the government would pay a better salary to the hardest workers and leave the NHS well alone. Times for a change.