Increase funding for maternity services to increase and retain midwifery staff

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Maternity Care Manifesto

10 point manifesto below.

  1. Statutory 'Professional Midwifery Advocate' for every maternity unit to ensure the safety of maternity workers emotional health and wellbeing.
  2. Continuity of Carer with capped caseloads max 35/FTE (Full Time Equivalent)
  3. Autonomous rostering.
  4. Put continuity of carer in the safety agenda.
  5. Babies treated as service users and counted in the numbers with training on infant mental health, bonding & attachment.
  6. 'Community Development specialist midwives' who make links to community and companion NHS services, support 'patient' voice, work with MVP and on service improvement. 
  7. Appointments for fathers and co-mothers/parents on issues of mental health, stopping smoking, diet and exercise - women are most often co-parenting if not romantically coupled and maternity services need to practically serve families not just 'deliver babies'. 
  8. In addition to formal whistle blowing keep run chart dashboards of provably confidential anonymous perceptions of safety and morale. 
  9. Re-instate bursaries or use apprenticeships to ensure impoverished and working class people can train as midwives
  10. Allow midwives to pause their registration for less than 3 years with easy access to return to practice at no cost.

Alexandra Heath
3 years ago