That The Mihalache Family Finds Suitable accommodation for There 12 year old son Dragos

That The Mihalache Family Finds Suitable accommodation for There 12 year old son Dragos

5 July 2021
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Started by Peter Marshall

The Mihalache Family Came to Live in the UK in 2016 from Romania with There Two Son's Of of there son's Dragos Has Downs syndrome and Behavioural Problems when Dragos came to the UK  he couldn't eat and drank from a babies Bottle and was very Weak This is why his parents Mr and Mrs Mihalache came to the UK because they Feared for Dragos life as the services in Romania  for Disabled children was near non Existence . They came to the UK when Dragos was 7 years old Dragos has never been to school until he arrived in the UK.

They managed to Rent a three Bedroom House and with Dragos  being so weak his Mother Oana Could easily Carry him up the stairs to bath him and care for His needs. His Mother was the Main carer for Dragos as Dragos Dad worked Long hours from 4.30am until 8 pm at Night so that He could provide for his Family.

Now That Dragos is 12 years Old she is finding it very difficult to Carry Dragos up stairs to the Bathroom if he refuses to go Because of his behavioural Problems.

They Have asked to be rehoused under the priority of Health Needs i.e. Dragos having down's syndrome and Behavioural Problems. But the Medical officer at the Housing department Have refused because they say he isn't disabled enough to warrant them being rehoused under  Health Groups, Dragos is Going to a local school in the Thurrock Region in Essex. And they support Him and his Family in getting More suitable accommodation for Dragos Needs, So  Does The local Nursing team who have Contact with Dragos and his family. Dragos has been Known to attack his elder Brother because of his problems. The Local Housing did an assessment of the Property to see if it was suitable for Dragos and they said that adaptions were Needed to make it suitable for Dragos to Live. But Because it is a private landlord. The Landlord  Has refused to make these adaptions that the council said needed doing, and he is quite  within his rights to do so. several  departments Have done reports on the suitability of the Property for Dragos and they have said that Dragos needs more suitable accommodation But Non of These People have visited Dragos at home with His Parents and of how she has to carry him up stairs Dragos is non Verbal and makes sounds that people have got to understand. This Family have wrote to there Local MP but he just went along with what the Housing Department said Via the Medical office at The council Housing Department. They have Tired every avenue Possible. And since they Have been In The UK they have paid their Rent and Bills and have now run out of Funds to give them a little extra to give to their Two Sons Dragos and his Brother. 

What I think Needs Doing is That  The Thurrock Hosing department is to Rehouse this Family as a Top Priority , also for independent assessments to be done on Dragos Well Being and is Family Well Being with Living in an accommodation which is no longer suitable for Dragos as he is much older and stronger than he was when he came to the UK in 2016.

I have seen official Documents that Back up There Claim for More suitable housing for Dragos under health Grounds.

This Matter Needs Urgent attention before His Mother Oana Hurts herself and Dragos by Having to Carry him upstairs.

Please can You sign this Petition so we can Get Justice for this Family who Have paid for their way. since being in the UK I would Like to add that they are Only Just applying for DLA and Carers Allowance after 5 years of being in the UK

I Thank you for your support





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Signatures: 440Next Goal: 500
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