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New YouTube video: "Is Prenatal Sonography Safe? Ep. 1: Epidemiology"

David Blake
Pembroke, NC

Nov 17, 2013 — Hello, everyone!

So, I put a little bit of love into making a YouTube video. If yourself or anyone you know would like to know about risks associated with fetal sonography this video should give a good introduction.

I'm planning on making this a multi-part series. The next episode will discuss equipment and education flaws. Did you know that 40% of ultrasound transducers in circulation right now are defective? Also, that many sonographers have only the most vague understanding of how to read the safety information on an ultrasound machine? (This is according to multiple studies, not just opinion)

Check it out and share the video!

Is Prenatal Sonography Safe? Ep. 1: Epidemiology
Is Prenatal Sonography Safe? Ep. 1: Epidemiology
Hello! If you are curious about the safety of prenatal ultrasonography then this video is for you. -Want to help research or stay in touch for updates/more information?- * Like our Facebook page at: * Sign a petition at: * Take a survey about health outcomes after ultrasound at: If you don't like the audio quality in this video, then help me get a new microphone!