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RE-Fund NHS Spinal Pain Injections

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I was informed by my spine surgeon in 2017 that the Government has stopped the funding for spinal injections for chronic pain at the treatment centre in Halton, Cheshire, U.K.  I was then pushed over to The Pain Clinic after a long and hard 6 months wait. To be told again that they also have had their funding stopped. In fact all of Cheshire and Merseyside spine epidural caudal block and facet joint injections are no longer funded and the actual price of one injection is around £2000 so it is impossible for me to fund as I use to have 4 facet joints injections and 1 epicaudal block done. Those injections gave me some mobility. Albeit a little but that little kept me from losing my mind. Now all I see is my bedroom walls. I can manage an hour and a half of sitting upright but would suffer a big rise in my pain levels for around four days and nights after.  I have had three spine operations and can no longer have surgery on my lumbar as its not viable. I do not want to increase my pain medication so now I suffer chronic pain that keeps me awake, keeps me tethered to an electric wrap around heat pad and  on a tens machine, daily. I now have a Carer twice a day and last November 2017 was even unable to walk to the bathroom for 5 excruciating days and nights, the only way to move was crawling on my hands and knees as the inflamation on my spine had trapped a nerve. The injections prevented the inflamation occurring. So I can look forward to more of that to come. Please refund our NHS to give us back our injections, dignity and the small amount of mobility back. It's crucial. I fear that our suicide rates will only raise as depression pulls us lower. I have had some CBT last year as the struggle was pushing me over the edge. Please have a heart and help me and the thousands of other Chronic Pain sufferers who have been given this heart breaking news. It makes no sense to stop the injections but then have to fund CBT and Carers. I feel like it's false economy and very unfair to the ones in Chronic Pain daily.

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