Clear Dr Joe Williams and reverse his fines!! Dr Joe Williams GP for the people!!!

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Dr Joe williams has helped so many people with his eczema treatment plans.  Deemed unconventional by medical practitioners, majority of whom are non Māori, non Pacifica people who it appears are profit driven not people driven.  Dr Joe has a passion for people and doesn’t see us as just another patient.  He helped our son, after years of specialists whose treatment plans did nothing to help, didn’t really care about our son and his wellbeing Dr Joe really did offer a solution and more importantly relief.  Our son appeared in his book and we have no problems recommending him to anyone that asks.

This action by the Health practioners disciplinary tribunal will only serve to further marginalise people, more importantly eczema sufferers.  His methods work! Clearly he has a high number of Māori and Pacifica patients majority he has helped testify to his methods and treatment plans.  

To me this just reeks of institutionalised racism! Once again we(Māori and Pacifica) are seen as a money spinner and pharmaceutical companies by the NZ health practitioners disciplinary tribunal and NZ MEDICAL Fraternity who are surely behind all of this.  Our DHB specialist told us not to follow Dr Joes plans, we ended our visits to them right there and then and have never looked back.