The Suspence of Hospital Bills and Patient Treatments

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My Uncle met an accident in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, on 16th Feb, 2018, Saturday by a Maruti Omni Van. He was rushed to a hospital named Paras in Gurgaon by his colleagues. Paras hospitals are one of the most premium hospitals in India. My uncles right leg was broken in the accident and he had lost his consciousness. They did not operate him for a couple of days saying that he needs to be conscious fully. He was operated for his leg on Tuesday, 18th Feb. After a day all of a sudden the doctors said that the patient is not well and they kept him on ventilator for respiration disorder. He was kept on ventilator for a week. Since, he was on ventilator, no other hospital was ready to take him onboard. Paras Hospitals charged 60000 per day to us. We are a lower middle class family from Mumbai, who earn from a small PAN Shop. And to top on that we didnt had any contacts in Delhi. The situation was a one sided affair as we had to trust the hospital and Doctors blindly on this issue. 2 weeks later on 06th March, 2018 he was discharged, saying that he will be fine on medication. We got him to Mumbai for further diagnostics. In Mumbai, we consulted to Holy Spirit Hospital, Andheri East, wherein we came to know the left leg has not been operated properly and now it needs to be reoperated again. To add to it, my uncle has also discovered a kidney issues wherein his blood is not getting purified properly. We were charged around 8 lakhs rupees by Paras hospitals for which we raised the funds via selling our assets and lending whatever money we could. Now we dont have any finances to support him. The morale of the story is why dont the government makes a fix medical treatment structure for all the hospitals as its a basic necessity for all.