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Protect our kids from lead contamination

The health of as many as 100,000 children under the age of 5 is under threat from lead pollution.

Shocking new research, revealed exclusively on Today Tonight, shows dangerous levels of lead in Australian backyards - sometimes up to 8 times above accepted safety levels.

Says one mum: “It’s really scary to know there are such high levels of lead in our backyards.”

But despite the huge risk to our vulnerable children, there is NO REGULAR TESTING of children and NO ASSESSMENT of risky suburbs.

Professor Mark Taylor warns that lead contamination, caused by leaded petrol, is a silent epidemic.

The respected environmental scientist says there is a risk that children who are living in “leaded” areas will lose IQ points, have behavioural and attention problems and suffer life-long impacts.

And yet there is no regular testing of at-risk kids and no systematic soil survey in backyard cities.

Watch our story here, and if you want to see the Federal Government take action to protect our kids, sign our petition now.

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