Bring back the funding for the Haymarket Foundation Clinic!

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Greetings all, I can confirm that the Haymarket Foundation Clinic has been given transitional funds from the Commonwealth Department of Health. On Friday afternoon we signed off on a 10 month funding agreement to keep the clinic doors open. The purpose of these funds is to twofold: to provide our current service until April 2016, as well as to transition into a sustainable model of operations. This means that over the next 10 months we will be engaging with the local community to look at how we can meet the needs of our patients in the long term. Over the last six months I have spoken to a large number of people about the work of the clinic, many of whom have expressed a great deal of appreciation for the work of our doctors, nurses, and welfare staff. These discussions often raised possibilities about increasing the reach of the local service network by building even stronger partnerships. In building a sustainable clinic and continuing to meet the needs of our patients we will explore every opportunity to work with others and make it as easy as possible for others to work with us. I believe that this will be key to ensuring that we will be sustainable in the long term. I would like to thank you all for your support over the last few months and to acknowledge our many advocates who have supported us both publicly and behind the scenes. There has been an amazing web of Twitter feeds, meetings, Face book messages, interviews, phone calls, sharing of contacts, and support letters that have helped us to articulate the value of our service for the local community. I would particularly like to acknowledge the incredible work and dedication of the clinic staff who have worked hard to provide the best care for our patients under difficult circumstances. I would also like to thank the Foundation’s Board - particularly our Chair, Kevin Rozzoli AM, who has worked tirelessly to keep the doors open. We will be consulting widely over the weeks ahead to ensure that as many voices as possible are included in our plans for the future. Thank you once again for your support. Mat

Mat Flynn
6 years ago