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Strict action against weightloss centers

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This is regarding how a weight loss centre duped me of a good amount of money by employing fake doctors and bogus treatments. Since my only ways of getting them punished are tedious and costly, I want action taken against them and also I want a direct investigation into issues of medical negligence instead of having to go through the consumer forums which consume at least 2 years and we do not even get enough compensation to pay our lawyer's fee.

I was overweight and went for a weight loss treatment for which I was told I need not exercise much. I was told the gel lipoletic treatment involved applying a balm on the skin and it was supposed to melt away fat. I was showed feedback online from their previous customers and was allowed to talk to a few of them too who were positive about the treatment. Once I paid 40000 rs and was into the treatment, I was burned with sheets of heater circuits and then subjected to painful treatments. This was coupled with rigorous exercise. My diet was reduced to one sixth. But the treatment did not give permanent results that were promised. Now the staff doctor started shouting at me for not exercising enough and maintaining the reduced weight. I was having side effects and now I grew 24 kgs more than what I was before treatment.

I enquired and got to know that the person treating me and most of her colleagues are not even doctors. As if this was not enough, the online feedback I saw on their site was being managed by fake accounts. The real patients who get treated there rarely even talk about it. 

Now my only way seems to be to approach a consumer forum. I already went there once for a faulty laptop sold to me and have a bitter experience. I won the case but the compensation was so low that I ended up with more losses than the cost of the laptop. It took a full 2 years too. If I wish to approach the forum, I need to revolve around medical counsel of the state filing RTI’s about the fake doctor’s registrations, then I will need to collect signatures from some more patients who are reluctant to come out into public. Then I will need to submit a doctor’s opinion that the treatments offered here are not right. All this is too difficult for me to achieve on my own. Since these people are playing with people's health, I want a direct investigation on the people posing as doctors and also a proper evaluation of their treatments to know if they are really affective. Over weight is linked to diabetes and heart attacks and we all know it is a leading cause of deaths in India. We cannot let these weight loss centres make money on patient’s fears. Kindly help me in getting these irresponsible people punished.


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