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To help get the Cross-Linking procedure placed on OHIP

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I have recently been diagnosed with a degenerative eye disorder called “Keratoconus”. This is a result of abnormally shaped eyes which causes images being received to be distorted.
This disorder causes:
o blurry/double images in vision;
o halo effects around lighting;
o difficulty with reading/driving; and
o in some cases it may even cause BLINDNESS!
This is not an uncommon condition, as it affects 1 in 2000 people.
You can read about this condition by following this link:
After many hours of research, I have come to understand that there is a very effective surgery called ‘Cross-Linking’. If done in the early stages, this surgery can help fix the weak corneas of people that suffer from this disorder.
Here's the thing, OHIP doesn't cover any of it and the surgery is approximately $5,600-$10,000 depending on the severity of a person’s condition.
This situation frustrates and confuses me! How can OHIP deny such a necessary service? We could eliminate people from going blind – which would cause an even greater drain on our already overburdened health system.
I am aware that OHIP covers corneal transplants. However, a corneal transplant is only for people in the advance stages of the disorder who are nearly blind.
This is not a cosmetic surgery! The Cross Linking procedure does not correct vision, but only helps stop/slow down the progression of deterioration of one's sight.
By having OHIP cover the Cross Linking procedure, it would actually save the government money. A full corneal transplant is very costly. Plus, there is a risk of rejection with a corneal transplant and it is highly invasive to the patient with a much longer recovery period.
Please consider the quality of life that people, such as myself, have to endure with this disorder. Therefore I am making this my personal mission to get this surgery placed under OHIP. I am trying to spread the word in hopes that everyone can help me in my efforts.
Thank you kindly for your help,
Laura Tarver

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