Legislation and Medical director for Emergency Medical Services in jamaica

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There's is no standardized system for EMS in jamaica, if there's an accident or medical emergency there are only 5 JFBambulances available to emergencies only in those areas otherwise you have to get a private ambulance  and there  is no legislation for that, neither is there a medical director for said service. E.M.T's are not registered to any governing body and they are health care providers, the doctors and nurses have their licensing body.

The population needs to be able to have a good chance of survival just as those who are wealthy, having a legislation and a director will standardize this service across the island for both public and private services, it will also create jobs for E.M.T's in hospitals, on public ambulances and other areas where the service is needed. E.M.S affects all of us, young or old sick or healthy, let's make a change and help to develop our country for the betterment of the people.