Past present and future of dentists in india?

Past present and future of dentists in india?

3 June 2021
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"Health minister of india"
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Started by Nishant Satyarthi

There are ample of vacancies for all health workers in government sector.

Every phc and chc has mbbs doctors and other workers like technicians according to need and specialists too.

So why there are not vacancies for dentists in government hospitals according to the dentist and population ratio?

Why there are not sufficient jrship opportunities for dentists?

Why did government of india and health ministry and local governments not recruit dentists as per need?

What are the future of dentistry in health infrastructure of india?

What plans government had for future of dentists?

Why there is very less post graduation seats in india as compare to other health departments?

Do people not need dentists?

Where dentists has to go ?

We also read books and almost similar why we get less chances?

Due to less vacancies in government sectors ,private sectors also treating us badly as we have no options.

Why our health ministey didnot aware people about oral health frequently?






Support now
Signatures: 742Next Goal: 1,000
Support now

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