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Hospital bill should be waived off for patient died during treatment

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Normally 5-6% deaths occurred during medical treatment in hospital irrespective of Private/Govt hospital. It is common practice in pvt hospital for advance payment towards treatment during admission and final bill settlement at the time of discharge. Whenever any body died during treatment in pvt hospitals, they wont normally give dead body to family of dead patient unless they wont settle the bills. Even some times, due to negligence of hospital staff, patient dies and they claim as patient condition was serious and just get rid of it. If family member of patient wants to complain, he/she is harassed by hospital and sometimes hospital register false complain of family members. Sometimes if patient is taken in hospital in serious condition if during treatment, he/she dies but doctor wont tell this to family members and shows that still the patient is under treatment for generating hefty bill. By the way, the treatment charges of a pvt hospital is too high to be beard by common public.
The condition of govt hospital is very pathetic. There negligence is very common and hospital doesn't have facility to treat the serious cases. Those who can bear pvt hospital prefer to go to pvt inspite of huge charges but poor person has no option and he/she die during treatment.
Sometimes doctor and other staff asking for bribe to patient family members in order to give medical facility to them. Those who can't give, they are being treated in a non-human way. In these cases, patient some time die due to negligence or late treatment.
In this case also, doctors dont take blame on themselves, they give statements which shows that patient was serious and we tried but patient died during treatment. If family member of patient want to complain, then the doctor sometime fight with family members and beat them.

These all are harassment and atrocity towards the family members who has lost their members. The hospital dont show sympathy towards the family members but just either want to loot them or beat them in case of complain. These doctors has now become in-human. They are just going for money only. If the patient is earning member of the family then problems are much more serious. Family members in this case have to beg or take loan from their friends to settle huge bills. This has made family to sell their house, land or other belonging for the settlement of bill and become poorer.
The huge bills of pvt hospital is increasing income gap between rich and poor.

So it is request to health minister to make such a policy for the patient who died during treatment that their whole treatment bill should be waived off. If any advance payment is being done during treatment, it should be return back. This case should be applicable both to pvt and govt hospital. This will just reduce their earning by 3-4% but this will give relief to poor and medium patients. If this policy is being made, doctors and hospital wont do any negligence and give treatment in proper way. They also wont do unethical practice like bogus treatment to already died patient.

In this category, the patient whose medical bill is govern by medical insurance, their bill should be paid by insurer and shouldn't be waived off.

Hospital will oppose this policy but it has to be done in favour of common masses. One relief you can give to hospital/doctor that if patient is admitted in serious condition and if died during treatment, no complain will be registered against them. If patient is admitted in normal condition and died during treatment and family members want to register complaint for negligence, it wont be register in police but its complaint should be register in medical panel board. If negligence found by panel then doctor/hospital should pay compensation to family decided by consumer forum.
I request you to implement this policy at the earliest.

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