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Recently announced by Health Minister Christine Elliott that a possible overhaul of OHIP coverage for residents of Ontario will be forth coming. Ontario residents must stop this from taking place. OHIP covers many things that Ontario residents need and deserve. News and press release from the Ministry of Health in the past 2 days have announced that on the possible chopping block are sedition for Colonoscopies , Pain Management injections and Pain Clinics closures. There are 300 other recommendations  from our PC Gov't that could possibly effect our OHIP coverage ,that has yet to be announced.  Ontario residents should have the right to have sedated procedures done to help keep diseases from eating away at their bodies. To not have sedatives during procedures will be painful and possibly prevent us from doing test , and in the long run , put patients at risk of dying and a strain on Hospitals. Also announced was an end to pain management for all residents of Ontario to only 4 times a year. This can not be done ! Residents live with chronic pain daily and MUST continue with injections or their lives wiill come to a stand still. Injections allow us to function daily. It allows us to get out of bed , work to live , and stop taking medication that most times are harmful to us. We have a crisis in Ontario now with opioid use and abuse that will surely add to the this problem if residents are no longer having injections . Ontario Doctors are not prescribing these drugs in fear of addiction or having their license taken away. Residents will turn to street drugs for relief and possibly die because of it. We MUST let Christine Elliott know that taking away these 2 things from our OHIP coverage will have residents bed ridden,  suffer serious pain and disease,  be a strain on our health care in far more ways than now and will result in having people having no choice but to claim ODSP or welfare as they wont be able to work. We need to speak up NOW before this Government does us more harm. Please sign this , comment for you , family and friends and stop this from happening now