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Benzo addiction/withdrawal is a massive problem in the UK yet unbelievably there is very little almost no support available to those who suffer in silence and to there loved ones who have to find ways to help them.

Our government spend millions of pounds each year on drug rehabilitation.If you are a heroin addict help is readily available if sought to enable you to kick it,however if you are a prescription benzo addict you are left to your own devices to struggle through what can only be described as a never ending nightmare.

My mother whom is aged in her seventies has spent the last two years fighting a benzo addiction.These were prescribed to her by a doctor whom she sought help from for a period of depression after having life changing surgery.These tiny little tablets were described as a “mood enhancer”!! If only we had known then what we know now!

What was a small hiccup in my mums life has now taken over her life and ruined her life!The mum I have always known has gone.My sister and I have spent the last two years searching and begging for help for my mum to rid her of these horrendous life altering tablets.We have come to the conclusion there is no help.

The UK are in great need of a helpline to be introduced by our government whom up to now are doing nothing to address this massive problem which affects many peoples daily life in this country.Our doctors are prescribing these highly addictive dangerous tablets often without sufficient warnings of the consequences and then turning there backs and leaving people and there famillies to suffer alone in silence with no light at the end of the tunnel.

A telephone helpline service provided by our goverment run by prescription addiction health professionals offering advice and support to prescription addicts and there famillies and give them some hope that they can get there life back.This problem will only get worse and not better until our government takes action for a problem they are responsible for creating!

My mum,well she carries on living the nightmare each day trying to withdraw from a tablet she was told by a doctor “was nothing to worry about” and “was not strong”and my sister and I continue to sit and watch this helpless to do anything.In our mums words”I WOULD BE BETTER OFF DEAD”

Something has got to change and soon.

Please sign our petition and help make this happen,you never know tomorrow it may be your mum!