Make COVID-19 cure name "golden experience requiem" or "ger"

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Purple haze has a ability of release a virus, but this ability has a short range,that's stand around the Stand (purple haze),with that said, a requiem of purple haze must be a virus, who can contain the world's, and it's not to deadly,that is,Corona virus. Golden experience requiem has the ability of return to zero,and as the main character said:"You will never arrive at the reality that will occur! None who stand before me shall ever do so, no matter what abilities they may wield!";that is:He will return purple haze's ability to zero,canceling it,with that said,if this really occured in the anime/manga, the only stand that would have te ability to defeat purple haze requiem would be golden experience requiem, that's why Corona virus cure should be named "golden experience requiem" or "ger".

If still doesn't understand golden experience requiem ability,you can enter this site to better understand:you can enter this site to better understand


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