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Health Insurance Companies and Legislative Bodies: Allow Individuals to Add their Parents on Their Health Insurance plans

Millions of aging adults in the USA and abroad go without health insurance at critical points in their lives. Many go without insurance because they can no longer be employed, cannot afford it, or are waiting for insurance benefits to begin. Many others will never qualify for good quality insurance that can meet their needs; and if they do, they will not ever be able to afford it. So many parents did so much to care for the needs of their children, yet suffer from illness and disease for which they cannot be treated due to this gap in healthcare coverage and affordability. The simple solution is not a healthcare reform, tax changes, or political action campaigns. The simple solution is to put change in people's hands. Allow adults to cover their parents insurance if they choose. Adults can add children and spouses, even domestic partners in some states. Why not parents? We were dependent on them, now allow them to be dependent on us. This benefits the interest of insurance companies, who will now acquire more business from those who would otherwise not seek plans. It benefits adults who can know that their parents will no longer suffer without a solution. And most importantly, it benefits the millions of older adults who have done so much for us. Now it is time to give something back. Allow us to claim parents as dependents on insurance.

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