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A woman is the most sensitive in love, and the strongest one when in pain. Make her feel special and loved so that you both have a great time together. Mutual consent and agreement are very important for sexual activities. The pleasurable time both the partners have is something very precious and makes the relationship stronger and the cozy vibe lasts long. Dr. P.K Gupta is the best sexologist in Delhi and he advises you on some effective ways to make her drive and crave for you which can make your intimate life interesting and lovable.

·         Gift her out of nowhere

Women love gifts, they love the fact that someone thinks about her, imagines her in dreams and gifts can here play a major role in making her fall for you. She must feel wanted and pampered each time. Spoil her with lots of things, pamper her till the end. Prioritize your time and efforts on her so that you can win her heart. Sexual desires become very secondary when your partner is madly in love with you. There is no occasion for gifts, surprise gifts are very essential like box chocolate, a bottle of wine, a dress or a dinner date maybe can work the best here, quoted by the doctor who provides with the best sex treatment in Delhi

·         Randomly compliment her

The special way to treat her is to admire her randomly. Things like “I’m glad you’re home!”, “You look so cute in that loungewear!”, “You are the best thing that happened to me!” These compliments might sound very simple to you, but they can drive her crazy on you. Women love compliments and admiration, they feel secured and valued. The feeling of being valued is something they adore each time, says the best sexologist doctor in Delhi NCR

·         Make her feel special always

Make her feel special in many ways, hug her affectionately, cook for her, listen to her. These minor ways can make her feel special. Sometimes, women want much more than chivalry behavior. To make things spicier, play role plays in intimacy. Do different plays and make things experimental each time so that you enjoy every phase of intimacy.

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·         Spend more time with her emotional self

Do not pursue her for bedflix and chill when she isn’t in a mood to do so. Hug her, hold her hands, look into her eyes, and ask what the matter is? Be with her all the time; listen to her emotional self rather than running away from it. Make her feel secure in your arms and calm her when she needs it. These little gestures can make her feel safe and her love for you can grow more.

·         Plan sudden meets and walks

Plan sudden meets and walks with her. Night walk post-dinner with soothing conversation can make her feel very comfortable with you. Meet her suddenly and plan a candlelight dinner date so that she can get to know you more. Spend more time with her so that she gets to know you more.

In the end, we would like to conclude with the fact that women need emotional security so that they can enjoy each phase of life with you. Make her feel worth it each time so that you can lead to a happy sexual and emotional life. Dr. P. K Gupta has the best sex specialist doctor in Delhi, his work and advice have always been very progressive.

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