Protect Your Health Fund Entitlements For Natural Therapies

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Are you one of the 68% of Australians that uses natural therapies each year?

Perhaps you’ve have heard over the last 12 months about health funds planning to scrap rebates for 12 natural therapies in April 2019. You may have also heard Tanya Plibersek recently talking about cutting the so-called “Tampon Tax” and recovering this money by adding GST to natural therapies that are currently GST exempt.

Given that 62% of all visits to complementary therapists are made by women, this effectively will just cost women more money. It will cost every single person that sees a natural therapist on this list more money - is that you?

The health funds have said that reducing the rebates will reduce the premiums that consumers have to pay. This does not make logical sense when less than 1% of all money paid out by health funds is for complementary and alternative medicine therapies. Is your health fund really going to reduce your premium by 1% with this proposal? When was the last time your health fund voluntarily reduced your premium?

Does the government really intend to continue with the misguided belief that 68% of the population, weighted towards university educated people, visiting complementary medicine practitioners 4 or more times a year, are not capable of making informed decisions in relation to their health and wellness needs?  It does not make economic or health sense to remove rebates from health fund policies for natural therapies.

For more detail, facts and figures - read this blog

So, what can you do?  You work hard, you vote, your health matters, and how you spend your money is important.  Sign this petition, and like this Facebook page .  Share it with your friends.  Lobby your local Federal Minister – if you don’t know who that is click here.  Lobby your health fund.  Agree to doing a case study with your natural therapist. The Facebook page has all the forms and links to enable you to protect these basic needs and speak up.    Remember 2019 is an election year and your vote matters.  Your health and wellbeing, and that of your family and friends, depends on it.