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Health Department: Stop acting so irresponsibly and give people Freedom to eat whatever they want!

It'samazing if we don't have the freedom to eat food from our own farms, yet invite others to eat it with us. I mean, what's wrong with this world??? Sending drones to borders and protecting their own from possible germs??? stop minding others business and uphold the land of the free for Gods sake! This has gone way too far,,

Everyday I see America come minding and big brothering things like vegetables and herbs. Sure, laugh at me. Just shovle it behind your ear like nonsense or conspiracy. But if yout big Pharma is not interested in eliminating threats then let us eat and grow all from turmeric to holy basil how much be want... Cause it's non of the States busines...

I live in Sweden and still I get affectedby your irresposible behavour. It's terrible a nation like you can call yourself leaders of the world. There was a time this was true, we all looked up to you. Well let me tell you how the westerners of today in many cases have turn their eyes to both China, Russia and Even Iran, since the options seems if not better, at least as bad...

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