Change the length of Section 2 of Mental Health Act 1983

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I am creating this petition as the section 2 of Mental health Act 1983, allows the doctors and professionals to keep a patient in hospital for up to 28days, which is four weeks. This is an awful long time to be detained for in both cases, if the individual doesn't suffer mental health issues, they've just wasted up to 28 days. On the other side, if a person is mentally unwell, why wait 28days to be able to put the individual on section 3 (up to 6mths and for treatment)). These current timelines lead to frustrations on both sides the patient's and professionals'. 


We undersigned propose that the time limit for section 2 - assessment is cut back to 14 days. This will enable the professionals to make the decision uicker and treat these who need treated, as well as it will save resources as people who don't need to stay in hospitals will have to be assessed and have decision made within 2 weeks instead of 4weeks. Some professionals are reluctant to even detain someone under section 2 due to the timeline put on the patient. 


I, the finder of this petition have b en under section 2 on many occasions and sometimes when I asked in week 3 why I am still here (in hospital), the answer was 'well I don't know!!' So please people sign and the government please look into it.



the concerned