Raising Minimum Wage for Healthcare Workers in the Philippines

Raising Minimum Wage for Healthcare Workers in the Philippines

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Danica C. Ardiente started this petition to Health Care Workers in the Philippines and

The pay is never enough, because I'm raising a child, I'm a single parent, and I'm helping my parents with finances. But I stayed, during this pandemic, because I found my purpose in life,” - Mae, a healthcare profession


Because of the nature of their occupations, health workers are at risk of getting any disease, particularly the deadly COVID-19. More healthcare staff are needed in the country during this epidemic to safeguard individuals from the infection. However, with greater pay in other countries, many people are choosing to emigrate in search of a better life.  With that being said, the Philippines are losing more and more medical professionals as time goes on.


Minimum wage has been a topic of debate for years in almost every country.  In the Philippines specifically, we have seen the negative effects that minimum wage has on the people in the country.  Their current minimum wage stands at about at least P290.  Philippines is known to have one of the lower pay rates in Asia.  One of the reasons for that is because of the supply and demand.  


Some of the major causes of the low minimum wage in the Philippines is the low education rate of the poor and the lack of job opportunities.  Because of the low minimum wage, even more problems occur and intensifies its negative impact.  The minimum wage leads the smaller companies or businesses to reduce the amount of workers they have due to lack of money.  It then leads to an increasing amount of unemployed people struggling to find another job.  


We see that increasing minimum wage for workers can lead to a beginning of change for people in the Philippines.  An increase can potentially improve the standard of living for Filipinos living under minimum wage salaries.  The workers would be able to find it a little easier to afford their expenses such as housing, food, and education for their children.


Throughout the epidemic, all caregivers are working exceptionally hard to provide the best care possible to their patients. I don't believe the existing minimum wage is worth the trouble they are going through, especially when footballers are paid millions to bounce a ball about. We are in charge of people's lives; we and they both deserve more! Health care workers deserve to be acknowledged a bit more.


Our campaign also involves the following issues:

Increase the minimum wage and make key concessions, resulting in employees PAYING for their own raise;

Many health care workers, including nurse practitioners, physicians, and others, do not receive a Living Wage, which has led to staff leaving the nation to work elsewhere;

The remaining health-care employees are doing their best to offer excellent care to their patients and coworkers despite being understaffed, but they need Living Wages and benefits to ensure that great care is a reality for Filipino citizens for many years to come.


We need community support to show Filipino health-care workers that we, as fellow citizens, support them in their battle for justice.

Filipino health-care workers are striving for better pay and benefits to help them meet their own and their families' needs. Please support this fight by signing our petition.

#RaiseTheWage #BeTheChange

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