Health Care Access For All Bodies

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Recently I was searching for an optometrist online and I realized something needed to change. See, I am a person who has lived with a large body all of my life. Every time I look for a medical professional I have to search for images to see who might have seating that would accommodate my large body. I hunt for pictures and look through reviews, hopeful to find some information. If I can’t find anything, I end up having to call to see if said medical office is accommodating to large-bodied people. This oftentimes will leave me feeling embarrassed or worse, untreated.

Living in a large body doesn’t mean a person should be denied access to their needs especially when it comes to healthcare. I can say from honest experience that many medical professionals don’t consider large-bodied patients. It’s almost as if they can’t see a need to make accommodating changes since large-bodied people do not seek treatment. However, this is simply untrue. 

Many medical practitioners are not equipped with proper seating or operating equipment to support a large person. It is embarrassing for many people when they are unable to sit in a waiting room or receive care because of their size. It pushes many people into not seeking treatment for even the most basic of needs. This is unfair and can create even more medical problems for those who aren’t treated. 

This petition is to request that a amendments be made to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) to ensure that all people, including large-bodied people, are accommodated with comfortable and safe seating in waiting rooms and medical offices as well as specialized care equipment, i.e dental & optometry chairs, MRI machines, etc. In ALL medical offices in Washington state.  

Thank you for taking your time in reading this petition and for your support.