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Help save a baby life today.

First off THANK YOU! By taking the time to sign our petition, you not only made your voice heard but you're amplifying OURS! As a parent of a child in desperate need for Zolgensma treatment now, we can't thank you enough!
We are battling 2 different, yet very important fronts:

1) OUR REALITY | Lucy needs Zolgensma NOW. SMA is a neuromuscular degenerative disorder and the damage now can't be undone. Novartis has put a $3million price tag on Lucy’s life. We have no other option but to fundraise for her life.
Visit our Life for Lucy gofundme campaign. We have $1million to go.

  • EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS - consider this: If everyone reading this raised $20, we would HIT OUR GOAL!! So please;
    -->Donate $20
    -->OR Find 2x people to donate $10 each
    -->Or Even better, Do both!

2) THE FUTURE | The second battle is how do we prevent future babies/families blind sided with SMA from having to go through this torture. We are committed, among other initiatives, in getting Zolgensma approved & covered under our social health care! Last month, Novartis filed for approval of Zolgensma. This, at best will only come to fruition in 2021(too late for Lucy). We will be leveraging this growing list of signatures to push this agenda forward through our Government. Getting Zolgensma approved is our goal & can be Lucy’s Legacy!

Thank you & follow Lucy on Instagram @lifeforlucy_ for updates.

Lucy’s Family

Scott Van Doormaal
1 year ago