Keep Industrial Cannabis Facilities from Destroying Rural Life

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People in rural communities across Canada are facing Industrial scale Cannabis Production and Processing Facilities with massive greenhouses or outdoor cannabis growing and processing plants on Prime agricultural land- often right beside rural residences, villages and towns. Pungent skunk odour, generator noise, light pollution and excessive water use are negatively impacting the quality of life for thousands of people in dozens of communities. Deer, turkeys and other wildlife are trapped or cut off from their natural habitats as corridors are fenced off with 8 ft security fencing for miles. These are not farms. They are cannabis factories which can reach over one million square  feet in size, processing thousands of plants using chemicals and solvents to manufacture their products. Small municipalities are ill equipped to tackle big businesses with deep pockets who are willing to fight local zoning by-laws that seek to restrict these facilities to Industrial zones or impose large set-backs from sensitive lands (schools, parks residences). Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs continue to classify Cannabis as a normal agricultural use- relying on statutes which pre-date Cannabis legalization. Municipalities Must have the right to decide where these industrial style facilities can be located without fear of lawsuits and L.P.A.T. appeals.