Health Canada hiring Naturopathic Doctors as Medical Advisors

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Health Canada approves health care products that are allowed to be purchased and used in Canada. This covers a multitude of different products such as pharmaceuticals, Vitamins, Natural supplements, Medical devices, etc. Health Canada only thinks Medical Doctors are educated enough to make these decisions. I want Health Canada to start hiring a multitude of different health care providers to provide an integrative approach to approving health care products. 

Naturopathic Doctors  (ND) are the experts on Natural health care products such as herbs, vitamins and supplements. There is not one ND as a medical advisor making important decisions about what it allowed or not allowed in Canada for Natural health care products. We are missing out on amazing products because Medical doctors have different training and do not see the potential in certain products, and they are passing mediocre supplements instead. As a ND myself, I know of wonderful products that are available in the States and Europe that Health Canada hasn’t approved.

Health Canada needs to expand their team of Medical Advisors and start changing the tools Doctors are allowed to use. Doctors can only treat with what is approved by Health Canada. Let’s start revolutionizing Canadian health care! It starts the with basics;  allow leading experts to approve products in their field. From there we will see a major difference in the Health of all Canadians.