Demand that Health Canada get proper testing for Lyme disease and it's co-infections

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Lyme disease is rapidly becoming the plague of the 21st century. It is a nightmare of a disease that becomes debilitating if left untreated if not deadly. The problem is, most doctors are not educated properly for Lyme disease and some just outright deny chronic Lyme exists. Lyme and is co-infections are great imitators and are easily misdiagnosed. Most people who have Lyme aren't even aware they have it, they have no recollection of a tick bite or a rash and Lyme can be spread in other ways as well, it's not just ticks anymore. The main issue is that accurate testing for Lyme is not available in Canada. Most Lyme victims have to resort to sending blood testing out to a different country to get proper testing which is very costly. Some also have to go to a different country just to get treated because they are denied in Canada, which is suppose to be top notch when it comes to health care but it's not. Out of country treatment is incredibly expensive leaving a trail of debt behind and most people can't afford it and are just left to get sicker and sicker. Devastatingly, Lyme disease has a very high suicide rate because of the above facts. Please sign and share, you will save a life.