SGR-Kenya to fully equip health supplies and employ adequately trained Paramedics

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On 28th,November 2019,a passanger fell ill aboard the SGR enroute Mombasa to Nairobi. It took the announcement of the crew to even get a blood glucose and blood pressure testing machines from other passangers and the responders were medics on Board as well. The passanger was later to die at Kibwezi hospital where they got treatment after having delayed due to lack of supplies/equipment and experts in the train.

On 5th,December, barely a week later, as I boarded the train from Mombasa to Nairobi, some announcement came, similar to last week's. "any passenger with a glucometer or BP machine..." jumping four coaches away to go help, only to find that there were no supplies that could be used to help such a patient. Not even for hydration, nothing!

Had to make distress calls to people who may have been working in health Centres along the SGR to come out and help. Four medics on Board, all ready to help, but with nothing to use, the frustration! SGR needs a trained paramedic on board every trip, and a fully equipped kit to cater for all types of emergencies including heart attacks and cardiac arrests. No one deserves a preventable death.