H.S.A to stop PHECC from creating a Cartel in First Aid Training

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PHECC are proposing a series of anti-competitive measures.  PHECC want  to limit advertising of Mandatory First Aid Courses to Recognized Institutions only. This will increase the demand for these courses and limit the number of providers for the FAR course by forcing independent and sole traders out.  The FAR  course will be the sole recognized workplace national standard accepted by the HSA. This restriction will increase the costs to Irish Businesses and consumers, cause a lack of choice, increase unemployment among qualified trainers, falling wages and an unfair restriction of competition.  PHECC have now suspended their application process to become an RI and will not accept any new applications until mid February. Minimum application time for processing an application by PHECC is an additional 3 months but can take up to 9 months.