Allow The Puffin Hut to operate legally under The Smoke Free Environment Act

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The Puffin Hut has been open since November of 2017. We are a member’s only canna lounge where medical cannabis users can consumer their own cannabis in a social, bar like setting. Unlike traditional bars on George Street, we have not once had a single instance of violence in the year we've had our doors open. We give cannabis users a safe place to consume cannabis which is out of the public eye. The powers that be have decided that no one can smoke cannabis in public for an exception of camp sites. People are expected to smoke cannabis in their own homes and for the general populous that is simply not an option. Many people for a wide range of reasons are not able to consume cannabis in their own homes being that their lease won't allow them to or they have children etc. Our members are medical users with no suitable area to consume their medicine other than canna bars and we feel that this in itself is an infringement upon their basic human rights, which takes me to the issue at hand.


Up until legalisation day, October 17, 2018 we were being told that businesses like The Puffin Hut would be embraced as it kept cannabis out of the public eye; however that has not been the case as of today. The government amended the Smoke Free Environment Act, 2005 to treat cannabis the same way they do tobacco which we feel is in violation of the Human Rights Act, 2010 when it comes to our medical users. Service NL has informed us of their intentions to fine us daily in an attempt to force us to cease operations so we’re asking all of our members to sign this petition and write your local MHA to voice your concerns. As of right now we’re fighting to be given an exemption from Service NL but we need your support! Even if you just sign this petition you would be helping the cause in a very large way. Writing your MHA would also be a great help as the more support is shown the better chance we have of continuing to serve you, our members.




The Puffin Hut