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Change in sixth form dress code

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By constantly reinforcing that girls need to cover up their bodies due to embarrassment and distraction our sixth form is suggesting that the female form is inherently sexual. Although this seems like a minor inconvenience, it is just supporting the concepts within rape culture. It is reinforcing the idea that women are sexual objects and that they need to protect themselves. Instead of male students being taught respect and discipline, female students are forced to conceal their bodies. To label visible skin as embarrassing, teachers are making girls feel insecure and uncomfortable within their own bodies. The suggestion that dress codes are enforced in order to prevent male distraction and promote a perfect learning environment is inconsistent; if the weather is warm and girls are forced to cover up, they're going to feel uncomfortable which could prevent their learning capability. This just promotes the idea that male education is more important than female education! And for someone to be sent home for their attire, preventing them from learning for the entire is ridiculous. How can you place a girl's physical appearance over their education? On top of all this you are patronising and undermining males by suggesting that they will be distracted and have no self-control. We shouldn't have to cover up our shoulders and stomachs, we shouldn't be humiliated in front of other students about skirt length. Dress code policies like these shouldn't only apply to females and shouldn't be applied at all.

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