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News about judicial advances

The fight for truth and justice for the victims of Thiaroye 1944
is following due course, certainly at the expected pace of
specific law proceedings.

Below is a brief overview of recent events:

Following a ruling by the Administrative Court, the French
Ministry of Armed Forces has officially recognized that M’Bap
Senghor was not a “deserter” on the day of the massacre.

As a result of this ruling, his son Biram Senghor pursued a
claim for damages against the Ministry of Armed Forces, which as
expected, was met with no response. A new claim for damages was
then filed with the Administrative Court of Paris, which
requires legal counsel for full jurisdiction
proceedings. Historian Armelle Mabon has volunteered to provide
support for this claim.

A further appeal initiated by Biram Senghor concerning the
request for posthumous award of the “Death for France” mention
and full compensation payment was rejected by the Administrative
Court of Paris.

It is critical that we continue this legal fight and hence our
call for donations to cover legal fees.

One small victory is that the producers of the documentary
Décolonisations, du sang et des larmes [Blood and Tears, French
Decolonizations], first broadcast on France 2 on October 6,
2020, have agreed to replace the words mutiny and rebellion with
massacre. We are, however, firmly against any rewriting of the
history of Thiaroye. Contrary to what this documentary asserts,
men from Thiaroye did not land in Provence, nor were they the
subjects of the "blanchiment", as stated by the documentary,
which consist of replacing african soldiers by european soldiers
during the battles towards the end of the conflict on the french

They were all, without exception, former prisoners of war, some
of whom joined the Resistance directly after their escape. In
October 2020, French parliament member Philippe Michel
Kleisbauer chose Thiaroye as the focus of a report he presented
to the French National Assembly’s Defense Committee entitled
Anciens combattants, mémoire et liens avec la Nation [Veterans’
Memories, Ties to the Nation]. This marks a first as this member
has openly aligned himself with Geneviève Darrieussecq, the
current Minister Delegate for Remembrance and Veterans, attached
to the Minister of Armed Forces.

We want to reiterate, here, how critical it is to exhume the
buried bodies as this step serves as a legal prerequisite for a
review process that could potentially lead to the full
rehabilitation of the 34 soldiers convicted on March 6, 1945.

As always, we are counting on you for support and will continue
to keep you informed of the legal outcomes of all actions taken.

A donation platform dedicated to supporting Biram Senghor’s
request before the Court of Appeal can be found here:

Comité pour la vérité à propos du massacre de Thiaroye
9 months ago