Removal of the dress code

Removal of the dress code

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The Inappropriateness of The Female Body

It has long been the general consensus of society that females are inferior to any male.

We may disguise this fact in modern institutions, such as our school, in newly founded equality policies, alliances, and rules that “apply to everyone”. Unfortunately, the fruitless promises provided by such ‘quick fixes’ very soon prove to be facades that crumble under the slightest bit of contention of underlying sexist premises by women.

One of the obvious examples of how this tradition of oppression and bias has continued into the twenty first century is the indispensable dress code in schools. Evidently, this is a paramount rule to the nature of learning itself, as managing the choices of women will require laborious policing and costly resources... As expressed in our weekly newsletter, adhering to the dress code “is really important so that we can all focus on learning activities rather than having to spend time making sure everyone is appropriately dressed.”

Being a woman who attends a school where such messages can be propagated to the eyes of innocent girls who have not yet learned to stand up for themselves, it is impossible to remain silent. This is absolutely disgusting, and change needs to happen immediately.

Women that have been told that their body is offensive, inappropriate, unprofessional, etc, are not told this because of an intrinsic methodology of determining what constitutes ‘working attire’. They are told this because of the limits that institutions place on women’s worth...

In other words, one cannot look like a woman and be professional, at the same time.

Femininity and seriousness cannot go hand-in-hand, according to any dress code that unnecessarily limits the amount of skin and cleavage that can be shown.

Furthermore, before anyone argues that the rule applies to “the whole ISH community regardless of age and gender,” it is worth mentioning that as a student that has attended The International School of The Hague for 13 years, I can safely say that in no way is there an equitable distribution of punishment between males and females. Not only is this because males wearing (for example) very short trousers or a crop top would be considered amusing by the same authority figures that would say a girl wearing them isscandalous, but the rules themselves are targeted at clothing that is, by design, more feminine.

There are countless stories of girls at the ISH who have had teachers make outrageous and abominable comments on their appearance, in the name of the dress code. It needs to stop.

A school cannot claim to be for diversity, for expression, for equality, if within their rules and newsletters they are discriminating against 50% of the people that attend it.

NO dress code that is anything but safety guidelines (i.e. no sandals) will ever be fully equal, as the rules are intrinsically designed to especially target women, based on the notion that one cannot both be a woman and a professional, hard-working, student.

I suppose the last sentence of The International School of The Hague’s actual dress code says it all... “There will be no discrimination against any ISH member regarding their clothes if they are following the requirements of the Clothing Code.”
...and that is the problem. When the potential for discrimination is conditional, discrimination occurs.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!