Control of Anti Social Juvenile Cyclists in Clacton on Sea

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Over recent weeks in our town and it's surrounding areas, there have been increasing amounts of incidents relating to the dangerous behaviour of Children on bikes both on the roads and the pavements, children are performing stunts (Wheelies) whilst riding in amongst traffic and pedestrians, causing serious risks to themselves, and other road users. 

Very recently, there was a tragic collision involving a young boy who was at the time cycling on the road, the child was from witness accounts very seriously injured, causing there to be a police investigation into the incident, conducted by traffic police who took measurements etc at the scene, after this tragic incident, and in the presence of the police officers who were conducting the collision investigation, children were performing stunts on their cycles in the road, risking theirs and others safety, demonstrating a complete disregard for the law, and a total lack of respect towards the position/authority of the police officers, not to mention the insensitive nature of their actions in comparison to the incident which had occurred.

the children in question are demonstrating a very outspoken lack of remorse for their actions, often swearing and offensively gesturing at other road users who are affected and are obviously annoyed by their apparent disregard for safety and surroundings, this has lead to numerous posts on social media regarding such incidents, which has spawned equally numerous responses suggesting that these children be harmed physically, for example knocked off of their bikes etc, responses that are gaining more and more support on the towns public spotted groups (Facebook) and despite this rising culture of lynch mob style justice, the children still persist in their antics with seemingly no control being asserted over them by anyone with the authority to do so (Parents, Police, Teachers etc)

My view, and I hope it is shared by other parents in the area is that this behaviour has to be stopped, not only for the safety of other road users and shoppers etc, but also for the safety of the children in question, and for the safety of the children who are being tarred with the same brush as those who are publicly less socially acceptable, my own son was assaulted by a car driver (Punched in the face) because he was riding on the road in Clacton, and the driver basically decided he wasn't supposed to be there, simply because, from what I can ascertain, "he was a teenager on a mountain bike, just like those kids on facebook"

the majority of these incidents are occurring during times that coincide with just before and after school times, although there are reports of such incidents occurring at other points in the day, the majority still seem to be happening whilst children are on their way to, or from school.

My proposal is that, for a temporary period schools in the area suspend their policies for allowing students to cycle to and from school, until such times as these incidents are brought under control. Schools taking such action will potentially alleviate the incidents which occur during the school run periods, giving the local authorities more time to concentrate on specific groups of children who persist in such activities outside of school hours in the town centre and similar areas, I would also ask that the schools participate in a joint effort with parents and authorities, creating an environment of communication between each party, and  looking at schemes to educate children on the safe operation of cycles whilst on the road on a voluntary basis, and then enforce such training as a punitive measure to children who persist in such behaviour, not unlike the current scheme for offending drivers to attend a speed awareness course.