Meaningful consultation before any decision is made about MRPS becoming an academy

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Don’t let Milton Road Primary School become an academy without a full and balanced discussion. on Tuesday 20 March a motion was passed unanimously by a full council meeting of Cambridgeshire County Council, which urged “ governing bodies to engage parents and teachers in a full range of opinions" over academisation.

We therefore call on the Head Teacher and Governors to:

  •  Organize a consultation meeting at which there is a meaningful discussion  as to whether our school should remain within our local education  authority or should convert to an academy.  This would require speakers for and against academisation being  given equal time to put their case. 
  • Provide balanced written information to parents and the community which sets out with equal weighting the advantages and disadvantages of the school becoming an academy or remaining with the local authority.
  • Give parents and the community a suitable period of time (minimum 2 months) in which to respond to the consultation and express their views on the plans for academisation