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Starting with May 2017, there is a strong pressure on the management and owners “K&K” factory, the aim of this pressure is to eat up the biggest factory that produces light alloy wheels. The main weapon is the aluminum supplies, that every day come in liquid variant from Krasnoyarsk aluminum factory (RUSAL-Krasnoyarsk).

During the year, on the threshold of important negotiations, RUSAL has interrupted the supplies of liquid aluminum several times. Despite the running supply contract and prepay, management of JSC Rusal organized the first long pause from 27 July to 3 August 2017. In parallel they send letters where was said that the technical and circulating water will be cut off. That is why the main owner of the factory addressed to the working staff to explain the situation and ask for strength and unity. Partly the situation was described in the newspaper “Kommersant” from the 4 August (https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/3374169 Russian language). Taking into account all the aluminum suppliers, RUSAL tries to eat up perspective industries, that use a big percent of primary aluminum. In April 2017 JSC “Russian Aluminum” bought 66,7% percent of ltd “SKAD” ( it is the second biggest wheels producer). Instantly the JSC RUSAL started to delete the competitors at the wheel market, to be more exact betrayal of confidence to the quality of K&K wheels, threats to cut off the aluminum supplies, in case we refuse to sell the factory to the RUSAL structures.

Despite reputation risks, RUSAL managers impose their monopoly seeing of the market to the small and medium enterprises. Managers of RUSAL have lost their conscience, behind the scenes they say: “Nobody will help you, we are professionals in making difficulties for those, who do not want to sell the industries, you will be visiting judges and courts for years”.

Maybe I would be blamed for being non-professional, because of washing dirty “aluminum linen”, but I write it from my side and think that it is impossible to keep such situation in secret, there is only one truth and one could not argue that our factory is under great pressure. It is important for me how many people will support this appeal, and it seems to me, that it is important for the whole country as it touches the real economy, politics and the salary of concrete workers, and it also touches the faith of the justice.

That is why I address to the free people, to workers and engineers of The Krasnoyarsk Metallurgy Plant, K&K, SKAD, to the wheels dealers and I ask you to support this appeal, to sign it to stop illegal restriction of the competition, dismiss the managers of RUSAL who decided to break the law of the competition legislation by restricting the aluminum supplies and eating up “K&K” factory.

The situation that is going on with our factory was described by agency “RBK”

https://www.rbc.ru/business/04/12/2017/5a217df39a79470a9ac91d15 (Russian language)

and Russian edition “Forbes”,

http://www.forbes.ru/biznes/353757-minoritariy-krupneyshego-proizvoditelya-lityh-diskov-obvinil-rusal-v-davlenii-na (Russian language)

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