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Head of Pyeong-taek Branch District, Suwon District Prosecutor's Office, South Korea: Dog killed with Chain saw, Attacker needs firm punishment

-Neighbor kills dog with chain saw in Ansung, Gyeong-gi province
-Animal abuse links to human abuse, animal advocates demands strong punishment
-Security cam video: news)
Animal abuse is becoming more and more brutal and cruel.

Last May, a monk axing a jindo-dog to death in Busan gave a big shock to our society. 

This monk was sentenced 6 month for justice. But after this case there were many as such, still under investigation. 

On 28th of last month, a neighbor killed the dog raised by a sanitorium in Ansung city, shocking us again. 

A rottweiler the manager of the sanitorium kept was found in his back yard around 8AM on 28th, the dog's back and other parts were cut out.

After the owner reported it to Yang-sung police, they went through the security camera. The dog was going after the newspaper guy, disappeared from the camera, and after that found cut in the yard.

After police investigation the police said their neighbor confessed that he "killed the dog with the chain saw." Now this case is on Ansung police and under investigation. 

CARE's president Park, So-youn said "Serial killers like Kang Ho-sun, Yoo Yeong-chul used to abuse animals before they committed crimes on human. Animal abuse should be taken as subconscious violence on human." "A lot of the public must be shocked through this incident. Strong punishment is needed." 




CARE's staffs went yesterday(2nd April, 2013) to Ansung to make things sure and listen to both side of the story. The attacker used to punch the owner and the dog before this incident. And when our staffs went to see him and check things, as soon as he felt it might not turn out the way he want, he grabbed CARE's president So-youn Park's collar and dragged her out of the room.

The tool he used was an engine saw, without a chain and even much stronger than chain saw. He aimed at the dog on it, and while the dog tried to go home bleeding all over, he ignored the dog and didn't let the owner know untl the owner found out and the dog was already dead. It is clear that the attacker wanted the dog die, even though there was chances to save the dog from death. 

The dog was a sweet one, known that he didn't threaten the neighbors and wasn't trained to attack people or other animals in any way. The dog's head on the picture above was the direction to his home back.  


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