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<Ansung Motor saw – Ttosuni and Heemang’s testimony!>

CARE(Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth)

Apr 12, 2013 — Communication session with animal communicator Park Min-cheol

Since Ttosuni(the dead dog) is being misunderstood because her breed is known as a ferocious dog and the attacker keeps changing his testimony, manipulating the situation favorable to himself, CARE is trying to investigate the truth in variable aspects.
This communication session can not be used in court as an objective fact, but to get a more upclose understanding of this case for those who trust animal communication, and to submit it to the police as a reference material.

- Park Min-cheol said he felt that Ttosuni’s case was not even a murder, but close to slaughter!
-Ttosuni never bit any dog or human before.
- According to Heemang, his mom(Ttosuni) always loved people and liked to wander around because of her curiousity.
-Heemang felt sorry because he couldn’t do anything, and wants to die after her.
-He said if they intended to bite him, he would have died already.