Bring back the STA KS4/5 Winter Ball


Bring back the STA KS4/5 Winter Ball

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Without any prior notice, the STA KS4/5 Winter Ball was cancelled with the only given reason being the amount of ticket sales. The Winter Ball committee does not have any input into this cancellation and were notified two days prior to the event. The decision completely disregards not only the efforts and work put into the organisation of the event by not only the committee, but also those of donors and attendees who have already bought tickets and prepared for the event.

The committee, donors, and attendees are in mutual agreement that the cancellation is too sudden and incommodes all sides, or that considerations for the cancellation of the event should have been discussed with members of the committee or required the committee's input, as funds from ticket sales have already been used to buy essential goods such as food and decorations for the event. Another factor that supports this petition is the amount of confirmations from attendees who have planned to buy tickets one day prior to the event or on the day which will further contribute to the amount of ticket sales.

Many have looked forward to this event, not only the attendees but also the committee and the supporters and donors who have helped with enhancing elements of the event; attendees are treating it as leisure time from academic stress or a chance to enjoy the company of peers in a safe school environment.

Please sign this petition for the chance of bringing back the KS4/5 Winter Ball and the continuation of ticket sales.

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