Scrap the ban on eating store purchased food on the school grounds (St. Andrews RCHS)

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The new -irrational- ban on consuming food within the school, particularly in the lunch hall, is possibly the most ridiculous rule implemented in the entire history of St Andrews RC High school. For the most part, students prefer to purchase their own food as opposed to being restricted to the cafeteria's limited menu choices. This new rule has caused an uproar within the student population, leading to increased tensions and even direct conflicts between students and dinner ladies, which have led to a tense atmosphere within the school community. As of recently, the school invested in a £10,000 revamp of lunch hall in the hopes of creating a more welcoming and inviting environment for students and staff alike, so why is it that students who purchase food for external retailers are being segregated and are no longer welcome. Our students are the future of our local communities, and should be provided a secure and relaxing place to eat lunch and relax at break and lunch times. Our pupils are fully aware of the litter concerns that exist(especially within the lunch hall), but surely creating a comfortable and chilled out atmosphere for the school population is a larger priority, especially after engaging in often tiring classes. It is for these reasons, the course of action which must be taken is transparent- end the ban!

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