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Justice Tate
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On May 31st, Darby High School’s Head Coach Jeff Snavely posted a comment replying to an initial Facebook post regarding Black Lives Matter protestors in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jeff Snavely said, “They should all be strung up and hang in the public like the old days. Lot less of that sh*t would go on.”

As a high school football coach, we are well aware that Mr. Snavely is more than likely a well-known and trusted leader and educator in the Darby community. We understand that he has worked hard for his role in the community. We understand that he has a family. We understand that he may have helped other students in the community (who do not identify as black) get into college. We understand that he may be a nice man with the best intentions. 

� What we DON'T UNDERSTAND is why this man continues to be employed with the Darby School District as a head football coach. Using verbatim such as "strung up and hang in the public like the old days" is where WE AS A NATION should be uncomfortable. We do not mean to knock his character... we are not advocating for this. We are advocating FOR those who are minorities in the state of Montana, for those raised in the Bitterroot Valley or elsewhere in the state, who have been shamed, excluded or pushed to the margins of their white populated communities. 

Our younger generations count on our teachers, coaches and principals to provide a well-rounded and unbiased education about social injustices and current events. In a time that is so crucial for systematic changes regarding racial injustice, we ask Mr. Johnston and Mr. McCrossin to remove Mr. Snavely from his position as the Football Head Coach at Darby High School to set an example for coaches, educators and leaders in Montana.

Removing Jeff Snavely from the high school staff in Darby means you stand FOR the abolishment of racial injustice in small communities in Montana and all over our proud nation. Long story short, racism is bigger than a high school in small town America. With this petition, we are shouting from the rooftops for a change. A change that will reverberate from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley to the fields of Eastern Montana. Removing Jeff Snavely from his head coach position will send a message to the community of Darby, the state of Montana and our nation that this expression of radical ideology is NOT accepted NOR tolerated. 

Thank you for listening and your consideration. We hope you make the right decision and help us to eradicate these individuals from the school systems all over the US. To view the article, please follow this link: https://406mtsports.com/college/jordan-hansen-cultures-of-secrecy-and-silence-gag-college-athletes-when-speaking-on-racism/article_9ffa8054-3ad8-5906-9c3c-73e846afc8f5.html