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A friend could be a fraud

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A month back one of my friend or should I say acquaintances now that he’s a cheat, asked me whether I would like to buy the latest iPhone which his company is selling for which the down payment was ₹10k. Since we all belong to the same group and have known each other slightly well, I had my trust on this fellow and transferred the money via online transactions.

He is a family man with a kid and is from a well to do background, is what I thought but his behaviour proved otherwise.

He promised to deliver the phone within 3 days of the transfer which didn’t happen.

Later on as time passed he started making lame excuses to dodge the situation with excuses like, “My phone banking doesn’t work”, “My wife doesn’t know online banking”, “I can’t deposit money online as I have reached max limit without even doing transfers” etc. People like him think we were just born yesterday.

The worst part was when he sent a cheque deposit slip to me with no stamp from the bank acknowledging the amount transferred saying his friend who worked in (not naming) Bank has deposited the cheque. This also didn’t happen.

Now it’s been over a month and a half and the person without any shame hasn’t returned the money to me, my hard earned money which I gave this fellow trusting him, which obviously he broke.

I know I was wrong in trusting this fellow with money but I also know that if people like him think they can outsmart someone and cheat someone of their hard earned money CANNOT get away with it.


Hence I have put a complain against him in the police station and hope I get justice.

But I would also like to have your support on this matter as well,

1. Do u think he’s guilty?

2. What punishment should he get for his doing?

3. Can he get away with his nonsense?

I would like to get as many signatures as possible to prove there is justice out there.

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