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Free Education for all... Abolish SAITEM Malabe, Srilanka

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Why we are against SAITM?

Is it bcz it is with poor standard?
Is it bcz it is illegal ?

No, very clearly.

Yet, it is of sub standard. It is another story. According to all official sources, it is with clearly questionable standards. I.e. , according to SLMC and even acc. to last govt statement. That is why they propose extra clinical training etc. A lot more thing I can say here as facts, which were re-iterated numerous times.
It is illegal also. No SLMC recognition also, so no opportunity to practice medicine in Sri Lanka. (I wonder why the doctor parents of the students did not care about this. Rather than doing someone elses job, they should have checked this. I think these cunning parents knew it from the beginning, but yet opted for SAITM against a better foreign med. school to overcome ERPM (act 16). UGC recognition is done in a crooked way and its legibility is questionable. BOI did not grant degree awarding status and asked to join with foreign uni. In addition the founder chairman of SAITM has clearly commited a serious fraud by advertising on public media with falsified information about SAITM and cheated many parents and students.

But, despite all above and many more technical reasons, we call for ABOLISH SAITM bcz it jeopardises the very base of free education. It is against the basic human rights.
We stand to safeguard free education and TO IMPROVE IT FURTHER.
SAITM is just only the latest declaration of the destruction of free education system of this country. If we consider all... from pre school to A/L, uni. selection , district quota , z score , international schools, etc. we are with a vision that all these matters to be rectified sooner than later. As anything else, corrupted politicians did such a disaster with the help of inefficient , backbone-less officials.
The only long lasting solution is to correct these fundamental wrongs.
Then, there will be no need for international schools , london A/L or rogue institutions like SAITM as there will be a more justified selection of students based on merit, not by financial strength , race, religion or caste.
When it happens, we do not have to argue like this. So, let's unite and fight to win this common goal!

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