Clemency For Ernest Simmons!

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Ernest James Simmons was Sentenced to Life on June 9, 2008 for someone's else crime charges. This all took place on May 30, 2007 in Osceola County. Instead the polices listened to the other two guys which was Riveria and Clark. Simmons ran so of course all of the other two guys told the polices lied and said it was all Ernest's fault. Ernest Simmons do have a history past of breaking and entering into random cars but that was it. 

Ernest doesn't have the nerve to do no such thing to no one. I recently learned the real shooter and I know his past history. Today the actual shooter who name I'll give later is bragging about what he did and how Ernest was so dumb for not snitching on him. And it's just heart breaking for someone to walk free every day with no shame or heart for others known they are the actual criminal. I am not writing all of this because I feel bad for Ernest. I feel bad for his kids knowing they'll never see there father again unless they pay visits to the prison where Ernest is at. I know and always was taught the almighty god have the last say so and he is the only one to make things happen.  

Juan Rivera of Apopka which who was one of the car jackers with Ernest that night just recently told Ernest family in 2017 that Ernest didn't do and the reason why he didn't admit it in 2007 was because he was afraid of the other victim which was the 3rd suspect. Due to the fact Ernest is a slow individual that's maybe why he didn't take the plea because he didn't understand what it means to take one, alot of people tell Ernest today how dumb he was for not taking the plea and for not standing up for himself. Well most don't know Ernest was never a bright person I've known the guy since we was toddlers and I always watched how he was and laughed as a kid but we all are grown today and I just want justice to be SERVED.  

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