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Change the school uniform of Fulston Manor

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Fulston Manor School does not have an appropriate dress code for the summer. There is a shirt-sleeve order but only on certain days, all this allows students to do is take their ties off and unbutton their shirts and take off their blazer. However, they are still expected to wear to certain things, for example boys are expected to wear charcoal black trousers which absorb the heat, given the recent heatwave (which has been gradually increasing) it does not seem healthy for students to be expected to sit in boiling hot uniform in classrooms which either do not have air conditioning or the air conditioning is not adequate, most classrooms at Fulston have on average 4 windows which don't open wide enough for enough air to enter through them.

In sixth form especially the dress code seems to be substantially more lenient in terms of gender towards girls, boys are expected to wear trousers, a tie (or turtleneck), a suit shirt and a blazer or smart cardigan, whereas girls are permitted to wear dresses and not have to wear ties, giving them the option to have a more relaxed and suitable clothing due to the weather. Teacher's attitudes have even been more lenient towards girls with many boys being placed in isolation for wearing what is essentially the same as what the girls do, whereas many girls have been seen to  have been wearing t-shirts. One girl in particular was placed in isolation for wearing an open-back dress due to specific, intense  (obvious) sunburn injuries, she was placed in isolation because her dress was showing a small portion of her bra strap whilst other girls wear the same and faced no punishment for it.

We are expected to dress as if we would be working in an office. Yet, many offices have a more relaxed 'smart-casual' approaches to uniform, especially in offices. Where they are also usually fitted with air-conditioning units to meet the health and safety standards. How aren't schools limited to the same Health and Safety regulations as expected in businesses. If we aren't to be treated as if we are going to be working in a business, yet we are apparently being 'prepped'  for the workplace by wearing a similar dress code.

What we ask for is a change to both the health and safety standard of schools and for a change  to the dress code in Fulston Manor School to include heat appropriate clothing such as shorts.

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