Change AHS's Mascot—Remove the Raider

Change AHS's Mascot—Remove the Raider

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RAIDER: Someone who enters a place illegally and usually violently, and steals from it.

SYNONYMS: Attacker, Assailant, Invader, Pillager, Plunderer, Ransacker

Having a white, male abuser as a mascot actively contradicts everything we stand for as an inclusive, compassionate, anti-racist community. 

Why Atholton High School's mascot—the RAIDER—is incompatible with anti-racism:

In 1948, Howard County, Maryland, built a segregated, 10-room school called the "Atholton Colored School." At parents' request, it was renamed "Harriet Tubman High School." This new name was never affixed to the building during its 16 years of operation.

In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education ruling federally mandated school integration. It took Howard County 11 years to fully comply.

In 1966, a new, integrated school was built next to the closed Harriet Tubman High School: Atholton High School. What mascot was chosen?  


Mascots are everywhere in schools: merchandise, newsletters, stadiums, sports teams, bulletin boards. Students cannot avoid their mascot. It represents them; it watches over them. 

The gun has since been removed from the image, but the fundamental symbolism remains.

When surveyed, Atholton High School students deemed “inclusion” a fundamental value of the student body. A group comprised of different genders, ethnicities, races, and identities is not well served by the current mascot.

The RAIDER did not reflect the values of the student body then, and it does not reflect them now. 

Please join Atholton students and alumni in our call for a new mascot.