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Petitioning Union Labour minisiter Shri. Mallikarjun Kharge and 26 others

HCL 2012 Campus Recruits should be given the Date of Joining immediately


This campaign is to garner public support for the HCL 2012 Campus Recruits and to force HCL Technologies Ltd to honour its words on employment offer to around 6500 of them. HCL had recruited for employment around 8000 graduates from across the country through its campus recruitment drive last year. The selected candidates were given Letter of Intent (LoI) which defined the terms and conditions of employment and compensation. HCL did give Date of Joining (DoJ) to a few recruits, but is reluctant to give a firm commitment to the rest of the recruits. Most of these recruits had lost their chances to attend recruitment drives of other firms as they were selected to HCL in the first instance and were not permitted to attend further recruitment drives by their respective colleges. They are the cream students from well established colleges across the country.

There are around 1.5 million B.Tech graduate seats available a year in India, of which about one third is Computer Science and Information Technology Engineering. And the average employment generated is much lower than the number of graduates coming out. This clearly points to the unemployment prevalent among the technology graduates in India. At a time when government of India provides huge incentives and tax soaps to IT firms it becomes imperative from their part to generate employment within the country.

In an industry which is hailed for its standards and for providing opportunities to attain the dreams of youth of our country, it is feared that non-commitment of HCL to its offer may become a precedent. We want the industry to follow the ethical standards it has made. We do not want mutual distrust and breach of commitments to be part of this industry. We want this industry to be a leading example for all.

We hereby request the Union Minister for Labour to respond to this issue and take necessary steps to ensure that all the HCL 2012 Campus Recruits are given the Date of Joining immediately with all the commitments as per the Letter of Intent.

We request all the like minded people, various social organizations, trade unions and political parties to support and sign this petition.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Union Labour minisiter
    Shri. Mallikarjun Kharge
  • Chief Secretary
    Chief Secretary
  • Minister for IT & BT Department
    Minister for IT & BT Department
  • Delhi IT Secretary
    Delhi IT Secretary
  • IT Secretary - Tamil Nadu
    IT Secretary - Tamil Nadu
  • Labour Secretary TN
    Labour Secretary TN
  • Labour Employment Training -Principal Secretary
    Labour Employment Training -Principal Secretary
  • Ponnala Lakshmaiah
    Minister for IT&C
  • Commissioner-Labour
    Ramanjaneyulu, IAS
  • Addi Commissioner-Labour
    Dr H.K. Nagu
    Shri M.Sheshu
  • PLEA
    Shri P.K. Padhy
  • Chief Minister-Karnataka
    Chief Minister-Karnataka
  • Principal Secretary-IT
    Principal Secretary-IT
  • Joint Secretary
    Dr. (Smt.) Anita Bhatnagar Jain
  • Labour Secretary - Union
    Dr. Mrutyunjay Sarangi
  • Minister for Labour - Karnataka
    Labour Minister
  • Minister for Communications & Information Technology
    Shri Kapil Sibal
    Shri J. Satyanarayana
  • Principal Secretary-Labour
    Shri R.K.Sharma
    Shri B.S.Bhatia
  • PPS - Plea Office
    Smt. Sangeeta Banerjee
  • Additional Secretary
    Mathur Ravi
  • PPS
    Shri Jai Singh
  • PS
    Shri R.K.V. Nair
  • Delhi Labour Commissioner
    Delhi Labour Commissioner

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